Ki Fit Homework

In addition to the data I’ve been updating you with weekly I also receive lots of information during the week from the Ki Scientists and I wanted to share a few things I have learnt so far 🙂

Each week I start by completely the weekly goal sheet. This gives me two areas to concentrate on each week. For example increase number of steps or activity minutes to reducing the calories consumed or fat intake. This is them followed by a goal evaluation sheet at the end of each week. In this one I rate how I did each day relating to the two goals I set at the start of the week. It also goes into more detail about what was easy and what was hard. Basically its making you think about the week in realistic terms. Also it doesn’t focus on weight loss, it focuses on physical goals and feelings and learning from what works and doesn’t work for you. It is very personal.

I also receive a personal feedback report for each week. I love this and find the information very honest, but supportive. I love that Kirstie and X are reading my blog! Thank you! I write more things on here that I can share directly with them, so it is so nice when they mention things from here, like all my moving which totally threw me last week.

There is also a forum for everyone signed on to the Diet to use. It started off slow, but gradually people are starting to use it. I find it great as you get the answers from the Ki Scientists, but you also get answers from people with similar goals.

In email form I get sent a recipe a day and each week we get a new fact sheet to help us out. I love reading these and really want to make some of the recipes as they sound great. That’s my plan for this weekend and as part of future meal planning!

Topics so far:

  • Simple Changes to Lose Weight
  • Preventing Mindless Eating
  • Incidental Exercise
  • Alcohol
  • Eating Out

For me the Ki Fit Diet is personal and realistic. There is no one telling me I must stick to a strict regime. It is about learning what my body wants and needs. I don’t know everything, and I maybe never will, but I am working on listening to my body, rather than other people!

I hope in time I will regain the connection between my head and body and will no longer depend fully on the Ki Fit to tell me what is going on. However for now the Ki Fit is what I need and I love it. I imagine once my initial year sign up is finished I will continue to sign up on and off to keep on track.

It is fully up to you whether you do the homework. Last week I didn’t and lost focus. For me it makes sense to make time to sit down and read and think. I benefit both mentally and physically from the information the Ki Scientists provide.

I can’t believe I am already over half way through. I still have lots to learn so I will make the most of everything above for the next few weeks 🙂

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