Adventures in Books… The 100 Mile Diet

I has been told about this concept by a friend but had not been too worried about where my food came from at the time and stuck with the convenience of supermarkets.

However over the last year I have been thinking more about where my food comes from and how far it travels to get to my plate. I have also taken an interest in the local seasons and what foods are around at what times. I caught the end of last year’s farmers markets and plan to explore more this year. I have also signed up for a local vegetable box. I want to know my food is food and has not been interfered with too much.

I found this book in Vancouver on my trip and decided to pick it up for the flight home. As it is about a couple of live in Vancouver and all the foods available there I found it fascinating. I wish I had picked it up at the start of my trip so I could have gone looking for a few of the places mentioned and try some of the foods they came up with. But I still found the concept great. I love the fact that others have started their own regimes and are promoting local eating and it is something I want to do too. At least at home 🙂

The book was very well written and very entertaining. I liked that Alisa and James each wrote a chapter and gave their perspectives on the whole thing at different times in the year. It was interesting to see how the simple concept of local eating impacted on so many other aspects of their lives. Things we now taken for granted, such as salt, had been written out of their diet overnight. Things you think of as local, are not because it is no longer economical to grow them in the area as it cheaper to get them from abroad.

I went into the supermarket at the weekend with new eyes. I saw everything there are normal. And that was the thing, everything is pretty much there all year round. I buy the same tomatoes and lettuce all year round. I buy oranges and mangoes because they are on offer, not because they are in season. I don’t know what is grown in the areas that surround my town, but I want to find out.

I really enjoyed this book. It is non-fiction, but in a way it could be complete fiction for most of us who shop at supermarkets! It was informative without being boring or preachy. I found myself wanting to know more that the authors said. I found myself drawn into their feeling about eating another meal with potato. Getting excited when a new fruit or vegetable season was approaching. Also looking forward to the end where they could eat whatever they wanted, but not wanting it in the end.

I want to experience how healthy they felt at the end of their year. I am looking forward to spending my summer investigating local markets and farms and eating to the seasons.

2012 was always going to be a different year for me, but now I have a focus and a lifestyle I would like to work towards. I don’t intend to go all out like they did in this book, but I am going to gradually make changes and make myself more aware of where my food is coming from.

If you want to get into local eating read this book! It’s honest and fun 🙂

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