Ki Fit Diet Week 3

This week did not go to plan at all. Actually there was no plan to begin with. My data is all over the place, but I am okay with this. I am going to learn from it and the feedback from the Ki Scientists and move forward.

W/B: 5th March 2012Calories BurnedCalories ConsumedCalorie DeficitActivity DurationStepsSleep DurationSleep Efficiency
Monday349419581536126123326 hrs 18 mins71%
Tuesday31762242934129121225 hrs 22 mins63%
Wednesday298329543898071796 hrs 8 mins73%
Thursday3278231796113483836 hrs 32 mins79%
Friday316223171144134110617 hrs 17 mins75%
Saturday280120187776653027 hrs 49 mins79%
Sunday27433678(935)4761226 hrs 57 mins71%
Average3091240468710289296 hrs 38 mins73%

Moving took over my week from Saturday 10th March all through the week. I was living between 2 homes all week and didn’t feel fully settled until this weekend. Exhaustion also took over which led me to reach for easy to prepare foods, which also were often high in fat and sugar.

I am okay about this though. Moving is not an regular occurrence so one week being a bit topsy turvy isn’t the end of the world. I have learnt a lot from this week. I noticed how my body felt and then how that impacted on my mood. Also I lacked motivation to exercise this week, which is what I was most disappointed about, but I could not find the energy.

I did lose weight though! I lost 0.2lbs and I am happy. It is in the right direction and from a week of no planning or mindfulness it is a great result for me! Normally if things don’t go to plan at the start of the week the whole week is a write off, but wearing the Ki Fit has been a reminder to think more that I would have.

The display has been a lifesaver this week. Out new place currently doesn’t have internet and when I connect my mobile internet I can’t connect my Ki Fit to sync it. So I have been tracking on line and then using the display to monitor the calories I burn and therefore try to maintain a deficit. However this went out the window at the weekend. For some reason I couldn’t get into it.

I had a weekend of rest this weekend and I needed it. I did nothing, but move the remaining things to my new place and relax and read and watch movies. I felt okay. I did not beat myself up about it at the time, but now I am feeling a little guilty. This is something I need to work on, but I think listening to my body and my head and striking a balance is the best thing for me.

This week is all about the meal plan! I am eating out for 2 nights, but after that I am doing lots of home cooking 🙂

Also getting the exercise in. I have 2 exercise classes booked and swimming planned for 3 times this week 🙂

I really need to cut back on my spending so I plan on the next half of the Ki Fit Diet to take priority in my life, so I will be making the most of gym membership and my new location closer to work to get exercise back into my routine. I also plan to study my data this coming weekend in more detail and see what changes I can make to help reduce the amount of fat in my diet.

It is all about making the time to take care of myself. This can be done in different ways, and moving out of my parents house is definitely one of them, but now it is back to normal where lifestyle is the best way to look after myself 🙂

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