Ki Fit Diet Week 2

The second week using the Ki Fit has been great, but I have been caught out a few times with regards to calorie deficits. It is recommended that you don’t have more than a 1200 calorie deficit a day, but this week I have ended up with a couple of days with more than this.

W/B: 5th March 2012Calories BurnedCalories ConsumedCalorie DeficitActivity DurationStepsSleep DurationSleep Efficiency
Monday317219941178125105616 hrs 6 mins83%
Tuesday29772293684105107976 hrs 33 mins66%
Wednesday38121915189720276306 hrs 21 mins67%
Thursday330421541150136128105 hrs 11 mins67%
Friday330919111398140145726 hrs 28 mins70%
Saturday40383149889192106726 hrs 11 mins71%
Sunday409119452146195145108 hrs 2 mins78%
Average352921941335157116506 hrs 25 mins72%

As you can see I met my steps goal every day this week except one, but my average was above 10,000 do I am happy. I am still above my calorie goals, but due to the amount of activity I did some days I am happy that I kept a deficit.

I lost 1.4lbs so was very happy. After my initial weight loss which I really think had other factors to influence it, I want to lose weight steadily. This hasn’t felt like a diet at all as I have not gone hungry and feel like I am listening to my body and am being able to distinguish between my stomach and mind 🙂

I was caught out on Wednesday as I didnt swim until 8:30pm and then when I got home at 10pm I didn’t want to eat too much as I was heading to bed. There fore I ended up with a bigger deficit than I needed. This meant I was overly tired the next day and struggled for concentration. The Ki Scientists have helped me plan for late night activity and I will be taking their tips into account for my next late night swimming session.

The weekend was not planned at all. I ended up being about to move into a flat with my friend Sian, and therefore spent the whole weekend packing and unpacking. This lead to great calorie burning, but as I was all over the place I didn’t eat very well and went for convenience over anything else.

My goal for this week is the PLAN! I think thinking about the week a head will help me keep good calorie deficits  and prepare for evening activities.

I am happy with this week as life can catch you out sometimes, but I kept calm and tracked everything. I wasn’t afraid of food for once as I knew this was only one week and I would learn from it.

Overall I am loving the Ki Fit 🙂

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