Adventures in Tea… Teavana

As well as getting tempted with tea in Whistler, I got tempted again when I got to Seattle!

I found a very interesting tea shop called Teavana in one of the shopping malls. This felt like a posh tea shop with lots of expensive tea pots which witch were lovely, especially the cast iron ones 🙂

I tried a tea they had out for testing and loved it! I thought it was one tea, but it was actually a blend of 2 teas.

The first was the Youthberry white Tea.

This is a very floral tea that tastes of summer.

The second was the Wild Orange Blossom herbal tea.

This is a very fruity, that also tastes of summer.

Combined the tea is lovely. I like it sweetened slight to take the edge of orange.

I am thinking of keeping it until the weather warms up a bit and then making an iced version 🙂

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