Adventures in Food… Graze Boxes

For my birthday my sister bought me a voucher for 10 Graze Boxes!

What are Graze Boxes?

Well they are boxes that contain 4 different snacks that get delivered to you home or work.  They are considered healthy snacks, but you can choose the type of box you want and go for the more nutritious boxes or the standard one. You also rate the foods on the website to make sure you get foods you like and want to try and get rid of any foods you don’t like. This was great for me as I took out all the ones with walnuts and coconut 🙂

The first box came through the post last week and I took it into work for my afternoon snacks.

It was nice to have a different snack everyday. Rather than buying a box of the same 5 cereal bars!

I liked the variety they sent as well. None of the snacks were similar to eat other so you could pick exactly what you fancied when.

It was great! I also loved that they include the nutritional information for all the snacks you get in a little booklet with it. This was great for putting the accurate information into my Ki Fit.

They cost £3.79 each if you buy them, but there are lots of vouchers out there for a free first box. I would recommend giving it a try. I think even after the 10 boxes I will continue to get one a week for work as it will save me buying anything at work and buying work snacks in the supermarket as I get bored of them too quickly. With this I will get a different box every week!

Such a great idea! Thanks Graze!


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