Adventures in Tea… Davids Tea

While in Whistler on my trip I tempted by the tea shop called Davids Tea. They have so many different types of tea and I wanted to try them all!

I limited myself to 3 small bags to take home. I have now tried them all and loved them 🙂

I got a Rooibas tea called Oh Canada. Its a maple flavoured tea and it great. It is sweet and caffeine free so I have been having it the evening to satisfy my sweet tooth.

It is nice red tea with colourful confetti added for sweetness and fun 🙂

I also went for a black tea called Read My Lips. This is a chocolate tea with real dark chocolate chips in!

This one is also great for the sweet tooth. I like it with milk, but it is also good on its own. I also like it quite strong so you taste the tea with a hint of chocolate.

The last tea I got because it sounded useful to me. Its a herbal tea called Mother’s Little Helper and is good for relaxing and to help you sleep.

It is a wonderful looking tea and the smell and the taste is very calming.

I will be investigating delivery to the UK as well as looking for alternatives for these teas that are already available here. I found so many loose tea places in Canada and Seattle, that I have come home disappointed in how traditional we are at home. I hope this is not the case and I am able to find something online!

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