Swindon Sci Fi

My first proper weekend after my trip was very random. I say proper as the first weekend is now a bit of a blur due to the jet lag 🙂

My friend Sian told me about a sci fi exhibition that was opening and I agreed to go along. We decided it would be a mini version on Comic Con, which we really want to go to! We let out our inner geek and enjoyed the day.

It was mainly Star Wars related, but they had other movies and comics as there as well, like Batman and Superman.

Also Wonderwoman 😉

Dobby from Harry Potter!

I would love a wand. I would also love a sword – but I don’t really need either 🙁


Also I want a Gizmo!


Star Wars.

It was a tiny event held at the Steam Museum, but it was fun to go too and great that it was in Swindon and we didn’t have to travel very far.

However Sian did get chased by a Darlek as we were leaving 😉

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