Travelling Technology

Technology has become an important part of our lives in the last few years and even I cannot live without certain things nowadays. its not great to be so reliant on things, but we all have things we can’t do without.

Travelling makes you boil it down to only the necessities!

  • Kindle – I love reading and the Kindle has become my favourite travel accesory. Access to as many books as i could want via the wifi connection and all stored in a computer that weighs less than one book.
  • Phone – Mobile phones make it so easy to stay in touch with everyone. For me texting is perfect when I’m abroad to make sure everything is okay at home and vice versa. It is also so easy to get sim cards in other countries if you are away for extended periods and don’t want to pay extortionate fees. Many places also have free wifi, so you can turn off your data and just use the wifi when available, which is what I did.
  • Computer – It is so easy to get travel friendly computers nowadays as well. On this trip it felt like everyone was travelling with some sort of laptop! I went with an iPad and was very impressed. It was light and small compared to my laptop. It connected to wifi and through the camera connector i could store all my photos on there as backup. the downside was not being able to update my iPod, but that didn’t worry me. I used it to rent movies to watch in the hostels and keep up to date with emails and bank balances. it was so much easier than using hostel internet terminals or finding internet cafes. It was also really good for my blog. I started using the WordPress App, but switched to the Blogpress app as liked some of the features better. I prefer blogging on my laptop, but it was fantastic for blogging on the go.
  • Camera – most of my memories from my trip will all be there in photos! I have a Digital SLR that I carried around, but having a small camera is also great for when you can’t be bothered to carry much. For example while skiing it was greta to just take my iPhone as I could take photos on that and not worry about having a bag on my back with my camera in.

Those are my 4 must have travel technology items. Lots of people also take hairdryers or straighteners, but I don’t. I keep i simple with my hair while travelling and as i don’t use those things while away I skip them. I miss my electric toothbrush, but as they now do battery ones it doesn’t make too much difference.

I also took a couple of fitness gadgets on this trip. I used one, but not the other.

  • Poolmate Swimming Watch – I got this for Christmas and love it. It was great to take away as I could use it as a normal watch if I wanted. It was great to use for swimming as when I am on my own I am awful at keeping count. Also it gives you accurate times so I kept up a good pace and worked harder than I might have done without it.
  • Heart Rate Monitor – I took this as well but didn’t end up using it. It took up very little space, so would take it again.

You basically have to take it down to a few things that do lots of things or will provide you with benefits nothing else could. For me that was the swimming watch 🙂

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