Ki Fit Diet Week 1

I have completed the first week of the Ki Fit Diet and am feeling great!

Here is my data from Week 1. I’m going to put my data up for 6 weeks, then will stop with the detail. I want to be accountable while I am doing the Ki Fit Diet and this gives me an extra sense of that.

W/B: Feb 27th 2012Calories ConsumedCalories BurnedDeficitActivity (Mins)StepsSleep DurationSleep Efficiency
Monday263919147255547415 hrs58%
Tuesday3019190511149496986 hrs 58 mins73%
Wednesday32331992124111381165 hrs 35 mins62%
Thursday2859177810817278574 hrs 30mins57%
Friday29672441526103107244 hrs 46 mins52%
Saturday34332681752164109795 hrs 43 mins77%
Sunday269420366605752288 hrs 6 mins78%
Average297821068729481925 hrs 48 mins

Overall not a bad week, especially as I was suffering badly from jet lag all week. Today is the first week I actually feel normal. I struggled with motivation to exercise, but am going to work on that this week. I want to gradually build up again as I know I have lost a lot of fitness and don’t want to injure myself by starting off too hard. My main goal for last week was to have a deficit every day and I did 🙂

My goals for this week is to get my average steps up to 10,000 and to get my calories consumed down to 2000.

I am weighing myself on Fridays as I find weekends are when I can over indulge so I thought this would be a good reminder to be mindful over the weekends. Also if I do have an indulgent weekend I have the week to get myself back on the path I want to be on without worrying about weighing myself.

My first weigh in after my trip I weighed 239.6lbs, the heaviest I have been in 4 years! I would also like to note I weighed myself in the evening after being on a 10 hour flight. There I think I might have weighed less as the next week I weighed 231.4lbs. An 8.2lb loss!

Don’t get me wrong I am very happy about this, but I think I as I weighed in the morning this time and after a normal week this is more realistic. This is did mean I reached my first goal of 7lbs lost so I rewarded myself with a new water bottle for swimming – the purple one of course 🙂

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