Adventures in Coffee… Pike Place Special Reserve Beans

I ended up bringing 5 different bags of coffee beans back from my trip with me!

I thought these would last me a while, but I’ve only been home a week and I’m almost throughout he first bag. It helps I’m taking it into work with me.

The first bag I opened was the Pike Place Special Reserve beans from the Original Starbucks in Seattle.

I love the smell of beans fresh from the bag and even after a month travelling with me and an airplane ride home these did not disappoint.

I first tried them last weekend in a french press with my parents and it was good. Although it did taste a bit muddy compared to the the filter cone I had later in the week.

During the week I used my plastic pour over filter cone and it was also good. Although I made it too weak the first few times. It is a new way of brewing for me and it may take a while to get used to to, but it is so much easier to keep clean in the office than my personal french press 🙂

Unfortunately I can only have a small mug in work as we have a water heater that I have to fit both under!

This morning I took my time and brewed my best pour over yet in my china filter cone.

I think I got the amount of coffee right in the one. It was nice and strong, but not bitter at all. I really enjoy this coffee in this method.

Overall I really liked this coffee. It is nice smooth medium coffee that can be brewed strong to make it bolder. I’m glad I purchased 2 bags of this coffee. I will save the until I’ve been though the other 4 types I bought back with me 😉

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