Making the D Smaller

This time last year I was diagnosed with Depression.

The last year has been full of ups and downs, but I finally feel in a better place.

I just feel more in tune with myself. I think my trip away was a major factor in this as it was nice to be completely on my own for a couple of months.

I won’t say I am better, but I am getting towards a better place.

I went to the doctor last week on my return from Canada and he agreed that it is a good time to decrease my medication gradually and then go off it completely. I am very happy about this. I’m glad I’m not coming off it completely straight away as it is partly a psychological crutch. But it feels great to say I am reducing it and therefore am not dependent on it!

Overall I am feeling so much better after my trip. It is great to be home though as I missed my friends and having a routine. I also have things this year to look forward too!


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