March Fitness – All About the Ki Fit

March is going to be all about the Ki Fit!

I have really struggled with motivation for fitness and taking proper care of myself in the last year, but I have come back from my break with a renewed sense of myself and my goals for life. So I was proactive at the end of my trip and ordered the Ki Fit and enrolled on the Ki Diet Plan.

I used the Ki Fit for my Kilimanjaro Training back in 2010 and found it was a great motivator for my fitness and eating habits. I rented that one off my personal trainer, but this time I have bought my own 🙂

The Ki system consists of an armband monitor, an on-line activity manager and a display unit to look at data in real time.

The armband measures:

  • Calorie Burn
  • Steps Taken
  • Physical Activity
  • Sleep Duration
  • Sleep Efficiency

You then sync the armband to the online activity manager which allows you to input your food intake and analyse data such as:

  • Daily Calorie Usage
  • Daily Calorie Intake
  • Calorie Balance
  • Total Physical Activity
  • Sleep

The armband works by using a number of sensors to monitor:

  • Motion
  • Galvanic Skin Response
  • Skin Temperature
  • Heat Flux
  • Steps

There is more to it than just the bullet points above, but all the information can be found on the website.

The Diet Plan is new. I decided as I haven’t got my personal trainer looking at my data this time it would be nice to have someone else helping me understand what the data shows and the best way to get the results I want. I was very lucky that the next start date for this was right as I returned from my trip. It is a six week programme where I get advice and motivation from the Ki Scientists and the group taking park. We will receive emails and have access to a forum in order to get the most out of Ki Fit.

I am feeling very positive about this and am looking forward to getting back into fitness. It will be great to see accurate data and help with developing healthy eating habits in tune with my body, rather than my brain.

My plan is to update on this every week and share a summary of my data to see the progress I make.

In the last few days of February before the Ki Diet started these were my stats:

Saturday 25th FebruarySunday 26th February
Calories Burned30762693
Calories Consumed19452524
Calorie Balance1131169
Physical Activity76 Minutes53 Minutes
Steps Taken69586590
Sleep DurationN/A8hr 24min
Sleep EfficiencyN/A71%
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