February Fitness Update

I wanted to do an update on the February Fitness Challenge I talked about at the beginning of the month.

I set myself several goals and did well on some, but other got forgotten.

The main goal I set myself before I left was to walk 10,000 steps a day. Over the 50 days I walked a total of 571,070 steps, which averages to 11,421 steps a day. I am very pleased with this.

I also set myself the goal to complete the 100 Push Up Challenge. This was harder than expected in the hostels, but I built up from 2 push ups in a row to 20 push ups in a row. I also increased from 12 a session to 80. I am happy with my progress on this and would like to keep this going within my future fitness aims.

I also set the goal to swim. This did not happen as much as I wanted, but I think mentally I needed a break so haven’t beat myself up about this.

Another goal was related to being more mindful when eating. I was good up until the last few days of February, where I stopped tracking.

Overall I had a fantastic time and am very glad Laura set up the challenges while I was away as it did give me more motivation to remember my goals.

Now its time for March 🙂

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