Hostel Survival Guide

Hostels are great, but there are some key things I need to survive hostel living for an extended period.

Ear plugs – a must if you want any resemblance of a good nights sleep. I have tried the foam ones, which work but tend to fall out overnight and I lose them. I now use silicon ones that feel like they stick in your ears but they blackout loads and stay in all night.

Comfy pjs – another must as you have to be comfortable walking in the hallway to the bathrooms on a mixed floor. Some people bring a dressing gown, but I feel that takes up valuable space so I got for good pjs.

Flip flops – if you don’t mind walking on all kinds of floors an showering in showers that aren cleaned between people then don’t worry about these. I am not one of those people so I always bring a cheap pair of flip flops, that I don’t bring home again. They are great for quickly putting on and for the shower.

Padlock – most people padlock their suitcases so it’s likely you would have one anyway, but you definitely need your own for the lockers in the hostel rooms. I lock all important stuff in my locker. Others keep everything in their lockers .

Stuff bag for dirty laundry – this is a must for me as I hate having dirty clothes getting confused with clean clothes. It is a easy thing to do when you can’t fully unpack and live out of your suitcase for a while.

Organised packing – I always start off organised and it slowly changes, but basically I mean having tops together, jeans together, socks and unrewarding together. That sort of thing. Also keep things you need in the me place when you move from place to place. This avoid the losing things panic that will happen occasionally just by putting something in a slightly different place.

Torch – a final must for hostel living. Will mean you can read a book late into the night. If you need to get up early it makes it easier to get out without turning the main light on. Also if there is a power cut you can get around.

Everything else is as normal for travelling 🙂

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