My Snowmobiling Adventure

This post was supposed to be published last month, but somehow it got blocked. I only found it when i got back on my laptop and can use WordPress fully. Nevermind. I also went Snowmobiling while in Whistler 🙂

I luckily had booked a snowmobiling trip, which totally distracted me from the missing wallet saga and having to wait for the cinema to open.

Snowmobiling is so much fun, but also so much hard work. I was walking up the steps in the village and couldn’t work out why my legs ached, then remembered the amount of work my legs had to do to keep the snowmobile balance. Also my abs feel like I’ve been doing sit ups!

I got stuck in the snow once. It only happened because my goggles steamed up and I lost site of the trail of the leader so decided to drive into a snow bank! Luckily the guys behind me dug me out and got me going again. When we caught up with the leader he was stuck too! We had to dig him out several times in order to turn around. He then turned all of out snowmobiles around for us. Going back on the same track was easier as by that time 7 snowmobiles had been over it and compacted the snow down.

I was so lucky with the amount of snow that had fallen, it was amazing!

We got to go on a frozen lake and test out the speed of the snowmobiles, which was great fun!

I loved it and would love it do it again. I think I would enjoy the ski slopes more by being able to drive up and down them 🙂











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