Ki Fit

In the last year I have put on weight. A lot of weight.

I’m disappointed, but I’m okay. I have not been taking care of myself fully. This year have been about y mind, not my body, but now it it time to bring them back together.

After my trip I feel in a different place. I don’t know if it is better. I’m not better yet. I don’t know if I ever will be, but I’m not afraid to ask for help now sooner rather than later.

So while I was away I was being proactive in thinking about making changes on my return. I emailed the personal trainer I used for my Kilimanjaro training to set up regular fitness tests. I emailed my swimming coach to get back into the swing of things straight away. I also got in touch with the people at Ki Performance about the Ki Fit armband and the Ki Diet.

The Ki Fit has been on my mind since I trained using it for Kilimanjaro. I love the data it supplied and how it let me see how my body works and therefore better understand what it needs.

So I finally ordered one with a year subscription and it arrived the week before I got home, so I got to open it and setup as soon as I got back 🙂

I also joined the Ki Diet plan with will give me more support for 6 weeks than I would have otherwise. It is a 6 week support network, not really a diet. You have a personal coach or scientist that looks at all the data you upload onto your account and helps you make better choices and use the data to its full advantage.

It starts on Monday and I can’t wait. I am looking forward to making some changes and getting a good diet together for my body and my swimming and other activities. I want to create a good balance that is sustainable for the rest of my life.

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