Adventures in Food… Justin’s Nutter Butters

Through the course of reading blogs I always come across foods I wish they did in the UK.

Justin’s nut butters were one of these and I found them randomly in a supermarket in Seattle!

I got one of each that was available.

The sachets are so convenient and allow you to have different flavours without buying a whole jar. Also these are great for snacks and packed lunches. I wish they sold peanut butter like this at home.

I bought 3 types of peanut butter. I really liked the honey one. I had it on a bagel, but think it would be fantastic on oatmeal. It was sweeter than the classic one, but not as sweet as the chocolate one.

I also got 2 types of almond butter. I definitely prefer almond butter to peanut butter as it is slightly less sickly I think. I loved both of these flavours. I like the honey as above, but loved the maple on its own.yes I totally ate it out of the packet! I think maple is one of those flavours that just goes well with lots of things.

Great flavours and convenient packaging would make this a regular on my shopping list if they did it at home. But then again maybe I would eat too much of it!

I’m glad I got to try it though 🙂

Location:Burnaby St,Vancouver,Canada

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