Returning Home

I’ve got mixed feeling about going home from this trip.

I looking forward to seeing everyone and making plans with my friends for the rest of the year.

I’ve got 2 weddings (and hen dos).
Moving out of home and flat sharing with Sian 🙂
Open water swimming events.
Swimming club!
Fitness with Linz.
Future Holidays!
Incoming money!

But I’m not looking forward to going back to work at all. It is such a shame. I really had upped all need was a break from it all and some time to do exactly what I wanted, but I think I need more change. I’m not sure what, but something I believe in and want to wake up most morning and look forward to.

I know I how lucky I am to to have a good paying job to go back to and that let me have 2 months off, but I’m not happy there. I need more support and encouragement than I’m getting, but it is not a place that works like that. I also need to be challenged and given responsibility, but again it is not a pal that works like that either. It is about getting on with things and not rocking the boat in any way. Having 2 months off did that enough!

I wish I knew what I wanted to do, but I have a feeling I may never stick to one idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if I change career several times in my life.

I like routine, but I hate getting bored!

I feel I have gotten some of what I wanted out of my trip. I hoped to have thought more about what I wanted to do after, but I got so into living in the now and enjoying that so that is okay. I feel more relaxed than before I left, I also feel like I can let things go more. That there are more important things that matter to me, than the things that matter to other people.

I feel more me. I’m feel better in my head than I did. I’ve been listening to myself rather than worrying about other people.

So yeah definitely some mixed feelings about going home,but I’m ready to head back. 2 months of sightseeing is enough, but 2 months off work is not enough 😉

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