Adventures in Wine… Bombshell Red

To go along with my luxury of staying in a hotel I decided to open a bottle of the wine I bought on my Seattle wine tour.

It’s called Bombshell Red from Airfield Winery.

I love the picture on the front. It makes it a fun bottle of wine. I wish could get it at home as it would be a great bottle to take round friends.

It is a blend of grapes:
37% Merlot
37% Shiraz
14% Malbec
5% Sangiovese
5% Cabernet Sauvignon
2% Cabernet Franc

I love Merlot and Malbec, which is probably why I liked this wine. However I am surprised with the Shiraz as I do not like Shiraz on its own. It must be because it is blended with the others that is balances it out.

I enjoyed this wine over a few nights. It was a lovely wine to have on its own in front of the TV 🙂

I really enjoyed this bottle and will be on the look out for similar blends in the future. It was smooth and fruity, which I like.

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