Adventures in Food… The Boathouse

The Boathouse is a Seafood restaurant in Vancouver. The first time I went was about 7 years ago with my Mum when she visited me while I was at UBC. It is not a cheap restaurant so wasn’t somewhere I would have visited on my own back then.

But now, no problem. Plus it didn’t seem that expensive. Not cheap, but not unreasonable.

I went at lunchtime to the Davie Street location. It has a lovely view of English Bay, but it was raining on my trip so not a great view. Also they sit you in the bar downstairs in the day as it is not busy,so you don’t get the whole view over the beach.

I took my time over the menu as I wanted to make sure I was having what I really wanted to try and because it is the end of my trip, something that sums up Vancouver seafood.

I went for the Seafood Grill. Salmon, scallop and prawns.

Very good and very nicely presented. They kept it simple which I liked. The seafood was accompanied by roast potatoes and broccoli and simply served grilled with lemon.

It was amazing. Lovely salmon, prawns and scallops. Cooked to perfection – all the way through, but not over cooked.

This dish summed up Vancouver for me. There is salmon everywhere, but there is nothing like freshly cooked salmon. The prawns were proper sized and tasty. The scallops were great as a once in a while addition. It was all about fresh and simple, like I feel about Vancouver 🙂

Location:Robson St,Vancouver,Canada

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