Adventures in Food… Cactus Club Cafe

Another of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver and the one opi went to on my 20th birthday is the Cactus Club Cafe.

There are a lot more around the city than I remember, but I suppose that means its doing well.

I had another martini 😉

This one was called Nothing But Pink and it was very nice. A bit like a Bellini, but no ice.

I then went with the BBQ Duck Club Sandwich on fruit bread.

This was amazing!

Duck, chicken, bacon with lettuce and mayo on a fruit bread. It was so different from anything I have tried before together. I have had everything separately, but never in this combination. I would have this again!

The menu looked amazing and I would definitely make return trips if I was staying. However it felt quite pricey for a few things such as steak and fish, but the burgers and sandwiches were reasonable.

They also have drinks specials, which I would definitely take advantage of. This is a happy hour city 🙂

Location:Burnaby St,Vancouver,Canada

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