Adventures in Tea… Wild Strawberry Tea

For once in Blenz I didn’t order a coffee or hot chocolate! I know I’m just as surprised as you are 🙂

I needed somewhere to go before checking into my hotel the other day, but didn’t fancy anything. Then I looked at the tea menu and found strawberry black tea and thought I’d give it a go.

I loved that they served it in in a proper teapot – I just need to remember to ask to have it there otherwise they give you a to go cup.

Proper loose tea!

It was really nice. Refreshing. It tasted like normal tea but with a hint of strawberry. I was a bit worried it would be overpowering, but not at all. Expect the last pour right at the end, but then it had been steeping for 20 minutes 🙂

As you can see it was a nice amber colour. I had it without milk, but I imagine it could be added. I also imagine this would be great iced, especially I the summer. But as it is February it was nice and warming.

I wish I had found the tea menu sooner on my trip as I would live to try more, but never mind. I’ve got plenty of tea to take home and will blog about those at a later date 😉

Location:Burnaby St,Vancouver,Canada

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