Adventures in Food… Theo’s Washington Salted Caramels

I have saved these for a week! Chocolate never lasts this long in my company, but I decided to keep them to enjoy for when I am in the hotel,rather than the hostel 🙂

These are Washington State themed salted caramels from Theo’s.

A nice pack of twelve chocolates.

Which I totally ate all in one evening instead of dinner 🙂

There were 4 flavours in the box and all of them were very different and nice in their own way.

Apple Cider

Caffe Vita



My favourite was the Cafe Vita as it was very smooth. Coffee seems to go so well with chocolate. I then liked the cherry and apple code as these had a tartness to them which was different to the chocolate and caramel. The lavender was very different. It was a shame the lavender was concentrated in one area as I got a strong taste then nothing.

All of the them were great and did remind of Washington and Seattle. If I had to buy just one it would the Cafe Vita 🙂

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