Adventures in Beer… Granville Island Brewing

As it is almost the end of my trip I have been getting back around Vancouver and finishing off my to do list I set myself before I left.

One of the things I had not done on previous trips was a beer tasting session at Granville Island Brewing. Unfortunately they arc urgently going through a major refurbishment at their tasting room so I still wasn’t able to do that.

Instead I bought a couple of lagers to try from the shop which is still open. If I had been in a hotel for a bit longer I think I would have got the 6 bottle tasting pack, but as I also have a bottle of wine to finish I thought I’d go with the ones I was most likely to enjoy.

First up was Cypress Honey Lager. This was great. A light beer, with a hint of sweetness.

It looks quite dark in the photo below, but it was really a pale amber colour. I tried a honey lager up in Whistler and loved that one, so thought I would like this one a lot too. I am going to look out for an equivalent back home, but I don’t think we call it honey lager, so will have to do some research.

The next one was a mother lager, but this one was Island Lager. This was very much like the lager I am used to back home. A heavier taste than the honey lager, but still light compared to other beers.

It was slight darker than the honey lager too, but the photos give the other impression. Sorry poor lighting set up on my part!

I really enjoyed this one too. This one didn’t have e sweetness to it but it was nice and smooth and easy to drink.

What I liked about these as well was that they weren’t too fizzy. Sometimes I have had had beers that are re fizz and I don’t like those. These had a hint, but otherwise were nice and smooth.

I think I am going to be like I was with wine with beer. I start off with the lightest and sweetest drinks, but then move onto to darker ones with more complex tastes and flavours. Well will see 🙂

Location:Burnaby St,Vancouver,Canada

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