Wandering Through Prague

Since finishing university and starting work I have made it a point to visit more places in Europe. It is so close to me, but they are not usually at the top of my list.

However Prague was at the top of my list after Rome. So planned my trip for 2010.

This was a trip I planned on my own, but as no one was coming with me, my mum decided to join me. She even stayed in the hostel I had already booked! I think it was an experience for her 🙂

Prague is a fairly small city, but well worth a visit as it has lovely historic areas.

But of course there is also beer 🙂

We took a visit to the castle and cathedral.

The cathedral is amazing on the outside and the inside. I do not usually take photos inside churches unless it is expected, but most often it is polite just to be there and take it all in.

The views back across the city were lovely. All the terracotta roofs were stunning in the sunshine.

In one area there is a wall, that look odd.

Then you look closely and there are faces in it, such as a cat.

And a lion.

The Charles bridge is worth the visit and spending some time just observing. There are towers at each end which you can climb and take in the view.

Plus you can rub lots of the statues for luck 🙂

The Astronomical clock in the Old Town is fantastic. I couldn’t tell the time on it, but it was amazing to look at. You can also climb this tower.

Outside of the city centre there is a park that is worth a visit. If you hadn’t guessed already my mum and I love climbing to get the views. So we climbed this tower 🙂

For stunning views over the river.

My friend Kate told me I had to visit the Sex Toy Museum. So I dragged my mum along! Haha I think both of us were fairly uncomfortable. It is worth a visit as the history of things is interesting, but the top floor is like something i only thought I would see on and episode of CSI, but I’ll let you discover that. This was the photo I used to prove to my friends that I took my mum there 🙂

On the last day we stopped buy a number of the towers we hadn’t climbed up including the one of the bridge. It was fun as we were the only ones up there and could watch everyone on the bridge.

We also climbed the clock tower.

The crowd below accumulates every hour to watch the clock strike the hour.

Plus a trumpeter signals the hour from the tower top.

It was great to visit this city for a few days. We were very lucky with the weather. Going in June I expected it to be drier, but we had no sun and could get away with t-shirts all the time.

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