Wandering Around Middle Earth

My current trip is reminding of my my says extended trip and why I chose to come away for 2 months again. Back in 2007 I went to New Zealand and had a fantastic time. 2 months was the perfect amount of time to be away and sightseeing the entire time, without working or having a base. Living in hostels and out of a suitcase gets old after a while 🙂

I wanted to share some of my favourite memories from that trip and I will do the same for my current trip in a few months.

Travelling then was still a fairly new experience for me. I had only done my Canada study abroad trip before that. But I took the opportunity to explore and push myself a bit.

I joined the Magic Bus in Aukland and met amazing people straight away.
This was only 3 months after I has started WeightWatchers and lost 2 k 1/2 stone. So I was feeling fantastic 🙂

The first stop we made was on the beach that is a road. Some vehicles didn’t make it off in time.

We got to try sand surfing. I still wasn’t that fit so only had one go as climbing up the hill was horrible!

I went whale watching 🙂 They came so close to the boat!

Then dolphins as well 🙂

I then started working my way down the west coast of the north Island. I got to see some bunny shearing. They were so cute!

I then did my first adventure – black water rafting! Oh yes we posed in our attractive wetsuits and tubes!

But it was so much fun I would totally do it again.

I then started my journey in Middle Earth with a trip to Hobbiton! I think this was my favourite place 🙂

I felt like a hobbit!

I want a hobbit hole!

I then went to a traditional New Zealand dinner. It was amazing and can only be understood if you go to one. The stories they tell are brought to life by the people. Plus the food was fantastic 🙂

I then tried a bit of 4×4 driving.

Also I took a trip to the thermal wonderland.

Further on my trip I got brave and at the last minute I decided to climb a pole and jump off! No idea why and I got stuck at the top as I didn’t want to jump. I was supposed to catch the handle swing, but I closed my eyes and didn’t grab it.

My next adventure activity, which I said before I went I would never do, was shy diving! I did this over Lake Taupo and it was amazing! I would do this again as the views of the world were like nothing I had ever seen before. It helped I was near the mountain they used as Mount Doom in Lord of the Rings 🙂

Beautiful mountain!

I then carried on my journey through Middle Earth by doing a Lord of the Rings tour once I got to Wellington. Yes we are posing from a sense in the hobbit haha.

I was the only one who volunteered to pose all the time!

I’m Gandalf!

We then headed to Abel Tasmin National Park and went for a long walk. There was only one path to follow, but we could not work out where we were and we had to be back at a certain time to catch the bus! There were some amazing beaches that were completely empty.

W then headed to the Pancake Rocks. Amazing to see in person. Photos just don’t do them justice.

Some beer tasting with some great people. I didn’t like beer at this point in my life, but still had a go.

My next adventure was at Franz Josef glacier. I took a heli-hike on the glacier. I recommend this or the full day hike as you get to go much higher than just doing the half day.

It was amazing. I loved being on the glacier. I stole the guides pick axe for a photo 🙂

Another amazing group of people. The fab thing about the Magic bus was that you kept catching up with people at different places as everyone was taking the same route but spending different amounts of times in each place.

I then did the one thing I swore I would never do – a bungee jump!
OMG! it was amazing, it ill never do another one. I had to go first as I knew I might chicken out. I was holding onto the rail so tight I was sure I wouldn’t let go. But the guy said to go on three and I just fell forward and went. I sucked in a big gulp of cold air and then the next thing I remember was bouncing back up! The worst part was not the jump or the bouncing it was the waiting to be lowered into the boat on the river. That was when I felt all my weight on the thing attached to my feet.

I then took a trip down to Milford Sound from Queenstown.

I decided to take the flight back over the mountains. It was amazing!

But expensive!

I also took a jet boat ride. This also went to a Middle Earth location 🙂

As I was in Queenstown in winter I thought I had better do some winter sports. So I had a go at snowboarding! I’m rubbish at it. This is probably the longest I was upright for as I kept falling over and struggled to get back up! I’ll stick to skiing!

I was fascinated by these the round rocks. I could have explored here all day.

In Christchurch I stopped by a local fudge factory for a tour.

Got to visit Edoras 🙂

I didn’t volunteer for this, but was picked because I was the only one in the group with blonde-ish hair!
I couldn’t stopped laughing!

But I got hold a sword 🙂

And meet Gandalf!

As with any extended trip a spa day is always needed and I can recommend Hanmer Springs!

I tried to swim with dolphins, but I don’t think winter was the best time. It was good fun watching them swim though.

I also had a go at sea kayaking 🙂

We got fairly close to seals!

Then one of my favourite things was Zorbing! If you get the chance to have a go do it!

I went on my own in the water filled one. You are just loose and get thrown around but I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time! Then they make you jump around once you finish for photos!

On my last few days I worked my way to the Bay of Islands and was so lucky with the sunny weather, that it didn’t feel like winter at all.

So peaceful and beautiful.

The last thing I did on my trip was bone craving. I still have this necklace I made 🙂

I thought I would finish with this sign. It always makes me smile and it perfect for New Zealand. They walk to the beat of their own drum and are amazing people 🙂

It was an amazing trip that I will never forget:)

Location:Burnaby St,Vancouver,Canada

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