Wandering Up the Grouse In Snowshoes

Yesterday was a fantastic day with some new friends I made through the Bunac Work Canada scheme. We all wanted to go up Grouse Mountain and after I had said about snowshoeing the other were up for it 🙂

It started off a very wet day. In Vancouver it was pouring with rain non stop. I just hopped that meant snow up the mountain.

And it did! Lots of it!

We decided first to take the complimentary sleigh ride. Not pulled by horses or rain deer, but a tractor 🙂

We then got our snowshoes. After a bit of difficultly and some on mountain change of shoes we were set.

We followed the 1km Grouse Loop and it was fantastic.

I had fun and think snowshoeing is definitely something I want to do more of.

I loved the deep snow 🙂

Then the sun came out and it was beautiful!

The hockey kids were out on the ice rink!

And we even got a glimpse of Vancouver down below 🙂

Overall a fantastic day and it had made up my mind together back up there before I go for an afternoon and evening of skiing!

Location:W Broadway,Vancouver,Canada

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