Adventures in Food… The Keg

The Keg is a steakhouse. They know how to cook their steak to perfection. I have Ben here on previous visits to Canada and loved it , so even though it is a fairly pricey restaurant i had to visit.

I started with a Lychee Martini. I think this is my new favourite drink!

I even took a photo of the menu so I know what is in and can find things at home. Plus buy some martini glasses 🙂

I then had the Sirloin Steak with baked potato. I had it well done, which not many restaurant can do well.

At The Keg they know how to cook it perfectly! The baked potato on the side came with sour cream and bacon bits. I think I might get sour cream more often back home to do something similar.

I was thinking about desert, but decided to go for another martini instead. This time an Icewine Martini.

A great option for a desert alternative as it is very sweet due to the ice wine 🙂

Overall a perfect meal!

Location:Bute St,Vancouver,Canada

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