Wandering Around Funky Fremont

My last day in I spent wandering around the Fremont neighbourhood.

As my title suggests it is a funky area and one I would love to live in 🙂

I took another Seattle By Foot tour and ended up being the only one on it!

We wandered around the neighbourhood and my guide showed me all the random art, which I loved!

Waiting for the inter urban.

You can dress them up!

We also to o see the Fremont bridge open up for a boat to enter Lake Union.

A very peaceful statue. I’m going to have to look up who this was!

I loved this picture frame so much! I wish we had more people on the tour as we could have had fun getting I the picture.

Also the tv idea was great for this one!

Sounded like a random version of Jim’ll Fix It!

Billy Goats!

The the troll! I love that this was put here to make sure there was always visitors to the bridge to stop other not so nice activities taking place.

The random statue of Lenin.

The centre of the universe sign post.

Chairs in the tree. One I could try at home 🙂

The Fremont Rocket.

Theos Chocolates 🙂

Where I bought a wine pairing kit to take home to enjoy with my friends 🙂

We ended he tour at the Sunday Market. I want a market like this near me. It expands into another street in the summer as more fresh produce is available.

Overall a lovely way to end my time in Seattle. Now is back to Vancouver and 10 days left until I head home 🙁

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