Adventures In Beer… Pike Place Brewery

I thought I better visit at least one brewery on my trip and seeing as the one on Granville Island is closed at the moment I took the opportunity to visit one in Seattle.

The Pike Pub and Brewery.

They brew slots of different beers.

However I know nothing about beer, I went for the Pike Sampler. Six 4oz samples from the beer menu with descriptions.

They recommended you drink them from light to dark, so I did as they suggested. I liked the lighter beers best, which was not a surprise. What was surprising was that my favourite was one of the middle brews. The Pike Kilt Lifter.

I think this was because of the sweeter taste of the beer compared to the others.

I love places that do sample sizes on a tray like this. It makes it so much easier to try a few and also not worry if you don’t like one of them. I didn’t get on too well with the last and darkest one. I think it was a mixture of it being e last of 6 samples and being dark. I had a good go though:)

To go with my beer I went for the sausage and mash – it reminded me of being in Germany 🙂

Location:6th Ave,Seattle,United States

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