Wandering Around the Twilight Zone

Yesterday I wandered further afield from Seattle over to the Olympic Peninsula.

I wanted to see the area and as a certain nook series is based here I thought it would be fun to visit a few of the places.

We stopped at Jamestown to see the traditional totem poles in the Native American owned town.

I loved this orca whale 🙂

We then travelled on and passed through Port Angeles.

We stopped one Lake Cresant for a wander through the woods.

It was beautiful Andy wanted to take this bench that was being claimed Matt the forest home with me.

We then headed to La Push!

No Vampires Allowed!

We stopped at Jacobs house 🙂

We the went on to First Beach.

Then it was on to Forks!

I kept my eyes open 😉

We visited all the sites mentioned in the books. (not the films!)

We found Edward at home!

They did have both of Bella’s trucks.

I loved that they had put a map up for people to pin where they were from.

It was great to see that Forks has really embraced the Twilight books and set out to make people welcome 🙂

We then drive back to Port Angeles to have dinner at the restaurant from the first book.

I went for Bella’s dish – mushroom ravioli 🙂

Okay my nerd self is fulfilled for this trip!

Location:Pike St,Seattle,United States

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