Adventures in Coffee… Stumptown on 12th

Today I wandered around a couple of Seattle neighbourhoods and then made my way to Stumptown on 12th. This was the only other coffee shop they recommended on the coffee crawl I did last week.

I loved it. It is such a nice cafe. Very bright and airy, but relaxing. They haven’t cramped seats into the area, so imagine if it gets busy it might be annoying not to beta seat, but this afternoon was great.

I went for my normal choice of a latte 🙂

It was a great latte. Plus some lovely latte art from the server – thank you!

What also makes this place great is that they do free public tastings everyday at 3pm! If you are in the area go and do this as it was very informative. I feel awful that I have forgotten the guys name who took me through it, but he was the assistant coffee roaster 🙂

It was only me today so I was very lucky!

They take you through 5 different types of beans. They start by feeling you about where they are from and how they got their relationship with the farms. It’s great as they get all their beans direct from farms.

In order to do cupping as it is known, they grind up 3 mini batches of beans from each roast.

They then pour over the hot water and brew for 4 minutes.

They then show you how to break the crust with aback of a spoon and smell the coffee. This was amazing. I noticed differences right away just from the smells.

You then take the crust off and you start tasting. You start with the darker roasts and work your way through. In the above photos we worked from left to right.

You take sip with a spoon and take in the flavour and then spit it out. I was so happy that it was normal to spit it out as I could have been on a caffeine high for quite a while otherwise! We went through the line twice as you are likely to get different flavours as the coffee cools. I was happy to learn this as I often find coffee better once it has cooled down a bit. The tendency back home it go for it hot.

I also learnt that is very hard to describe taste. It’s similar to wine tasting in a lot of ways. I am not good at picking out specific flavours, but can notice the difference between the beans.

My favourite was the first one and the darkest of the roasts. I bought a batch to take home!

My second favourite was the most expensive coffee I’ve every tried. He said it was expensive but I did not realise how much until I looked at it bagged up, or in a jar in this case – $100 for 1/2lb! It was amazing coffee, but that is way out of my price range for a drink 🙂

Overall a fantastic coffee experience from this cafe. A lovely place and friendly servers – you can’t beat it!

Location:Pike St,Seattle,United States

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