Adventures in Food… The Cheesecake Factory

I was having a day when I couldn’t decide to what to eat, when I remembered a girl in the hostel talking about this place.

I headed up the street a few blocks and there it was. Easy!

What was not so easy was getting alcohol! I had forgotten how strict they are. I didn’t even get asked for ID in Canada! In America it is a no go if you don’t have your passport. My UK driving licence didn’t count. Personally I think this is crazy! In all my travels I have never taken my passport out drinking and don’t ever want to. When you travel on your own your passport is everything. You don’t have anyone else to lean on when things go wrong, so knowing my passport is as safe as possible makes things better. Anyway the waiter said they have to ID everyone under 40!

Okay back to the restaurant. I ended up having a non alcoholic version of what I was going to have – raspberry lemonade!

It was a great change to water, tea and coffee that I have been living off of recently.

I then went for a burger 🙂

I’m always happy when they leave the top off the bun. It makes it so uh easier to only eat the bottom half. They also asked ow I wanted my burger cooked, which I loved as you don’t normally get that in burger places.

Then of course I had to try the cheesecake. I went for the peanut butter cup one!

It was huge, It was great, but of I’m honest I would have preferred it without the layers of chocolate cake.

My favourite bit was the peanut butter icing swirl on the top – I could eat that out of the jar!

I didn’t finish it. I needed up leaving about a third as it was way too much for me. I would have loved it more if they did a sample plate where they give you bite sized selections of cheesecakes. Maybe I should suggest it!

I really liked it, but I doubt I’ll go again on this trip as it was all too uh for one meal!

Location:Pike St,Seattle,United States

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Food… The Cheesecake Factory

  1. I love the Cheesecake Factory!! If you were to ever go again you should ask for their Sweet Potato Fries – so good 🙂

    But you’re right, it’s way too much food. We always got the cheesecake to take home for afterwards because it was too much for me too. Mind you we’d eat it about half an hour later, but sometimes that’s all the time you need.

    How are you feeling about Seattle vs Vancouver?? Do you prefer one over the other?

    1. I know!way too much! I w the cheesecakes as I left but not as I went in, but nevermind. I didn’t like Seattle to begin with, but now I’ve been here a week I am loving it. It also helps the sun has been out the whole time! There are a lot more homeless here than Vancouver I think and they are more upfront with you, which was a bit off putting. I’m just up at the U- District today and love it! This is my area 🙂

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