Adventures in Coffee… Seattle Coffee Works Part 2

I am very much getting in to the Seattle way of life. The numerous convent coffee shops Ayre amazing!

My favourite right by the Hostel is Seattle Coffee Works and I have been in there a few times for coffee now.

Yesterday I decided to treat myself to something from the slow bar. I fancied a taste from home so went with the French Press.

This was way better than I have ever made it! I took notes just so I can try to recreate this. It’s all about the brewing method. I have come to learn this is an art in itself.

I know that is not a French press in the photo, but I was so focused on the brewing I forgot to get my camera out. This was for serving.

Things I leant:
– heat the mug and French press before brewing
– rinse paper filter before brewing (if using pour over method)
– time brewing in French press
– pour all coffee out of the French press after brewing time

I want to thank the guy who served me for answering all my questions! I am also intrigued by the vacuum pot, so am very likely to be heading back in later this week 🙂

Location:NE 45th St,Seattle,United States

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Coffee… Seattle Coffee Works Part 2

  1. We’re definitely going to have to have a French press tutorial when you get back – I’m hopeless!!

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