Feeling Great, Feeling Rubbish

I am really enjoying my trip! This is the feeling great part. I can’t wait to get out each day to explore some more 🙂

The feeling rubbish part is all down to my fitness level and weight gain.

I finally and randomly found a weighing scale that I could use. I was in Bainbridge and this local drug store had a pair of old fashioned scales in the back. I asked if they worked and the 2 ladies behind the counter said they did and were accurate. I couldn’t believe my luck and they were free to use!

Unfortunately they told me the truth. I am up almost 10lbs! I am disappointed in myself for kidding myself all my walking has been having an impact.

Don’t get me wrong walking is fantastic exercise, but it cannot be my only exercise.

I knew things weren’t good, as my clothes were getting tighter and I was getting puffed out doing stairs again. I’m also struggling with keeping a stable body temperature. I get so hot and start sweating it’s embarrassing! I’ve basically been getting more and more uncomfortable in my body for the last few weeks.

So time to be honest with myself and get some good habits back in place for the rest of my trip.

Starting with breakfast! I’m giving up the free breakfasts in the hostels and getting myself some Greek yogurt, first and oats. Also some oatmeal. A good start to the day is very important for me. I am also going to count my calories from tomorrow for the rest of my trip. I have an idea in mind for what I should be sticking to, but I am not going to beat myself up when I try new things on my trip. I just want to be more mindful than I have been being.

Next is the exercise. Im sticking with the walking as that is all I can really do in Seattle as I am no where near a pool. My last week in Vancouver I am going to go swimming at least every other day. I am also going to continue with my pushups, but might do more sessions than I have,but I’ll listen to my body on this one.

I spent some time good time focused on this while waiting for the ferry back to Seattle. I used my phone and wrote down all my thoughts and feelings and that really helped focus my thoughts and get a plan in place for myself.

I also bought a 21 Days Healthy Living book earlier this week, where I can write all my food down and it also asks you questions each day. It asks you to spend 15-30 minutes focused on yourself each day. I am going to make this a priority to do this each day.

I still find it amazing how many feelings you can have at one time.i am going to focus on being mindful again – both with my food and my feelings!

Location:Pike St,Seattle,United States

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