Adventures in Food… Seattle Chocolate Tour

Today I spent wandering around Seattle on a Chocolate tour. They should do this is every city, it was amazing!

We went to 5 places in total in the Downtown area. We started at Oliver’s bar for a chocolate cocktail 🙂

Tis was at 11am, but I wasn’t complaining as it had baileys and coffee in the cocktail. They are going to send around the recipe so I might have to recreate this back home. I loved the coffee beans on top. I would swap them for chocolate cover coffee beans just to add another dimension!

We also tried some coco nibs while learning a bit about the history of chocolate and how it ended up in Seattle. They were very bitter, but worth a try.

We then headed to Dahlia Bakery for the next stop. It is very tiny so we were lucky enough to be allowed into the back for our tasting.

We got to try the mini coconut cream pie. I normally don’t like coconut, but this was amazing. It might have been because of the white chocolate shavings on top 🙂

We also tried a cookie brownie which was amazing. The icing sugar on the outside made it extra sweet.

Then it was off to the Chocolate box.

We got to have some milk to cleanse the pallet, I think. It was nice to drink cold milk.

We started with the red velvet cupcake. This was amazing and the perfect size. The ice was super sweet but went great with the cake, which was perfectly moist.

Next was the brownie covered in chocolate. This was really just the batter. And batter with very little flour! It was so rich, this amount was perfect.

We finished our visit to the Chocolate Box with ice cream. Chocolate ice on top made with melted chocolate locally in Seattle and strawberry with balsamic on the bottom. AMAZING!

Then we walked down to Pike Place Market for some cheesecake at the Confectional.

They let us try the strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake. This was amazing and as its so close to where I am staying I am sure I will be heading back for another visit to try another one. They also do a mini cheesecake dipped in chocolate on a stick our guide said!

They also do drinking chocolate. This is the old fashioned drinking chocolate that you only need a little bit of. They gave us the normal serving they sell, although you can get a cup if you want. It was so rich, not as sickly as melted chocolate but that was enough.

The second to last stop was for gourmet popcorn!

Kettle corn toffee nut.

Rocky Road, which I think was my favourite.

White Chocolate.

Apple Pie.

They did a lot more!

Our last stop was Fran’s, or the Tiffany’s of chocolate as our guide described it.

We tried the dark chocolate.

A truffle.

And a salted caramel – the official chocolate of the White House we were told.

I am totally converted to the salted caramel. I though they would be horrible, but the salt balances the sweet amazingly well!

If you fancy this tour check out Savour Seattle. This was who I did the market food tour with and they were fantastic 🙂

Location:1st Ave,Seattle,United States

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