Adventures in Food… Pike Place Market Food Tour

I have just spent the afternoon wandering around Pike Place Market and trying lots of different foods with a lovely guide (Aubrey) from Savour Seattle Tours.

Lost of photos!

We started at Starbucks with a strawberry smoothie.

We then headed to Daily Dozen for a doughnut.


We then headed to Marketspice to try some tea.

Orange, Cinnamon and cloves – so good!

The to Pike Place Fish. I saw them throw the fish, but didn’t get a good photo.

We tried 3 different types of smoked salmon.

All were amazing!

Got to have my photo with a fish guy!

Then onto Franks fruit and veg stall.

We tried a jazz apple – my new favourite apple!

And a comice pear.

Then on the same street to Choice Produce and Pepper

Where tried a heirloom orange. Loved this too 🙂

Then onto Pike Place Chowder!

Amazing clam chowder!

Really good seafood bisque!

Then for some cheese 🙂


Mac and Cheese – I am converted to this,

Cheese curds!

Then to the lovely Pear Deli.

For a ham sandwich.

And salted caramel.

The the last stop was Etta’s.

For an amazing crab cake! I will be going back for dinner one night!

Overall a fun filled afternoon of food 🙂

Location:Pike St,Seattle,United States

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