Adventures in Coffee… Seattle Coffee Crawl

I LOVED the Seattle By Foot Coffee Crawl!

I spent the last 2.5 hours with a lovely group of people and Heather the fantastic guide from Seattle By Foot, wandering around the best coffee places in the city. My idea of heaven 🙂

We met at Seattle’s Best Coffee in Pike Place Market, where we smile the Caramel Macadamia Macchiato. So good! It was a very sweet drink, but I loved it. I think I’ll go back to try a full one 🙂

We then wandered by the “Original” Starbucks. This is actually shop number 4, but nevermind.

We then headed to Caffe Darte where we sampled an Italian roast blend and a smoked alder wood blend. Both were lovely. I really liked the second coffee as it was different from anything I’ve tried before.

We also got to watch some Latte Art and I even got to have a go, with the lovely manager of the store helping me!

My one was a heart and it got shared out between us. It was such a good latte. I think this might be my new favourite, which could be due to the fact it was made with full fat milk, when I normally get nonfat!

We then went to a desert caffe called Dilettante Mocha Cafe, where we tried the mocha. They roast the beans to be the same colour as the chocolate so you couldn’t really taste the coffee, but it was amazing!

Heather also was so great she got us a salted caramel each. So amazing!

We then caught the bus to Pioneer Square and went to Cafe Vita. We tried the same roast but prepared two different ways – French press and pour over. I love french press coffee and really enjoyed it, but when tasted side by side with pour over I am converted. I have new item to add to my souvenir shopping list! It was not as acidic and really smooth. You got all the taste of the bean, without the oiliness of a french press.

The French press is the on the left and the pour over on the right.

We then headed to the last stop of the tour,Caffe Umbria, where we had a espresso Camarno (i think). Basically an espresso with whipped cream on top. It was very nice to end the tour with as I always find espresso a good way to end meals.

It was a fantastic few hours and Heather was an amazing guide. She knew so much about the history of coffee and the shops we visited I felt in safe hands.

I’m doing a couple of other tours with Seattle By Foot while in the city and hope they will be just as amazing 🙂

Location:1st Ave,Seattle,United States

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