Adventures in Coffee… Cherry Street Cafe Pumpkin Latte

I finally got to try a pumpkin latte!

I have heard so much about them from friends, bit we don’t get them back home and I was thinking I am out of season for that at Starbucks so I was happy to find a cafe that did them by chance!

It was really nice. I was surprised I liked it as I’m not a fan of spices, but it was quite mellow and just added a flavour to the latte, rather than overpower it 🙂

If they do ever bring them to the UK I think I would like it 🙂

I loved the cafe. It was the original Cherry Street location, which I didn’t realise until I went back outside and had to figure where I was 🙂

It felt like heading down into someone’s house. There were sofas and comfy chairs. It was really cosy and I wish we had more places lie this back home!

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