Wandering around Seattle – CityPass Part 1

I am loving Seattle 🙂

I decided to get the Seattle City Pass for $59. It includes admission to 6 attractions around the city. I knew I wanted to do 4 of them so I thought it would be good value to get even if I miss one or two sites.

I started with the Space Needle at Seattle Center. It was a last minute decision as when I left the hostel and saw the blue skies I thought I better make the most of it and take in the views. I took the monorail from Downtown to Seattle Center, which was great fun.

I love the location of Seattle. Seeing the mountains and sea from one location is fantastic. It reminds m of Vancouver, but it is different.

As I was at the Seattle Center I decided to take in the Experience Music Project. I’m not a great fan of music, but the people I’ve spoken to said it was a use see. It was really interesting and great that the city has taken so much pride in its music history and current scene. My favourite bit was the guitar statue 🙂

I then headed back to Downtown and after lunch headed to the Aquarium. I love aquariums and they had just welcomed the birth of a baby sea otter 🙂

Overall a very touristy day but I loved it. Sometimes it is just nice to do the extremely tourist orientated things first then you can get to know the city bit by bit 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Wandering around Seattle – CityPass Part 1

  1. I’m so glad you’re liking Seattle! It’s still one of my favourite cities, and definitely a place I could see myself living. Are you going to do the drive down the 101? Or did you price it out and decide against it? Also, did you see the fish throwers at the Market?
    Seeing all your photos is making me miss the west coast so much…

    1. Yes it’s great! There are more homeless here than in Vancouver though, which was a bit intimidating when I first arrived, but it’s okay. I love the market! My hostel is opposite so I go there every morning for fruit 🙂 I haven’t decided about it yet, I’m looking at tours as well just to compare.

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