Adventures in Tea… Starbucks Tazo Passion

In my search for non caffeine drinks I have been trying herbal teas. I’m not usually a big fan as I find they smell better than they taste, but I am liking a few I find.

I have started to get the Starbucks Tazo Passion Tea in the evening. It is a herbal tea blend of hibiscus, lemongrass, mango and passion fruit.

The lemongrass is the main taste I think, but there is a fruitiness to it as well. It is like hot squash to me, but posher than Robinsons or Ribena. It is very purple too 🙂

It is nice, but I can see myself getting a bit bored of it after a while, unlike the Refresh version. There is also a Tazo Calm I want to try, so that will be next I think.

Overall I like that I am finding caffeine free hot drinks on my travels. It keeps me drinking into the evening, which is normally a time when I stop drinking and start to get dehydrated, especially while travelling. A nice tasty tea to keep me warm during the winter nights.

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