February Fitness Challenge

After using the January Fitness Challenge I am continuing my efforts with a February Fitness Challenge!

Will continue with my Trip Goals I set out before I left to travel, t I also want to add to them and make some changes to my travel diet for the second half of my trip.

February Goals:
– 100 Push Challenge
– Swim 4 Times (equivalent to once a week)
– 10,000 Steps a Day
– 4 Other Fitness Things
– 5 Portions of Fruit and Veg a Day
– Track all Food and Drink
– Focus on 3 Meals a Day and Less Snacking

Laura has extended/renewed the January Challenge to bring in February! Its now called February Back to Fit. This is great for me as it holds me accountable for my efforts!

My reward for meeting my goals for February will be to buy a Fitbit or Ki Fit when I get home out of my Birthday Money my parents are keeping safe 🙂

I’m looking forward to working at these. The food ones won’t be easy but I want to make changes without specifically aiming to lose weight. When I return home I can concentrate on that, but I want to enjoy myself on my travels, but I need to take control of my eating and take responsibility for it.

Good luck everyone!

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