Adventures in Coffee… Starbucks Pike Place Reserve

Got to love the home of Starbucks.

There are so many that it seems I am never more than a block from the next one – my kind of city!

So after being told at the Original Starbucks that they serve the Reserve Pike Place Blend at the Space Needle I had to give it a try while I was there!

It was a nice cup of coffee. I’m not sure how the external influences had affected me but I did really like it. Maybe it was being at the top of the Space Needle. Maybe it’s being in the home of Starbucks and knowing this is the only place that serves this blend. I don’t know, but it was worth the $2.50 I paid (not including the Space Needle ticket price!).

I treated myself to having half and half milk with it. I think it’s half cream and half milk (correct me if I’m wrong – we don’t get it in the UK) and it was nice. Having coffee with cream is a real treat for me 🙂

Overall a good coffee and I would recommend either buying the beans at the Original Starbucks or having a cup at the Space Needle if you are there anyway 🙂

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Location:Pine St,Seattle,United States

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