The Original Starbucks!

I’m loving Seattle already. My hostel is opposite Pike Place Market, but I’ll post about my visits there at a later date.

The Original Starbucks is located not far from my hostel! Technically the market was my first port of call, but this is located right by it so I just had to take visit.

It is basically like a shop. You can buy all the normal drinks, but there is no where to sit. They also have a lot of merchandise for sale. It is a fairly tiny shop! I was quite surprised that this was the first of the now global coffee chain.

I had to get a souvenir from here. I’ve collected a few Starbucks city mugs over the years so decided to carry on with the tradition. I also got the Reserve Pike Place Blend beans 🙂

The guy who served me was great and gave me a a lot of great suggestions for places to visit on my trip. He also said they serve the reserve Ben up the Space Needle (but not at the this shop) so its a bonus if you go up!

That’s one place I can tick off my list. I’m grateful there is a bigger Starbucks opposite my hostel, especially as the wifi is working at there at the moment!

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Location:Pine St,Seattle,United States

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