January Fitness Challenge

This month I have been making the effort to keep up with at least some fitness on my trip.

I was lucky that Laura over at Becoming the Odd Duck set up a January fitness challenge for people to take in. I signed up straight away.

I decided to have 4 goals.
– 100 Push Up Challenge
– Swim Once a Week
– 10,000 Steps a Day
– 4 Other Fitness things

I managed to complete all but one!

I missed the goal for the Push Up Challenge. I am okay with this as the week I missed I was skiing all week and did not have the energy to do the push ups required. Because of skiing and other activities in the snow I did 6 Other fitness things, rather than just 4 so I am more than happy.

Overall I went from being able to do 2 push ups to 12 in 3 weeks! In total I have done 175 pushups 🙂

I also completed my swimming goal and did especially well in my walking goal. Even with missing 4 days of counting because of skiing I walked an average of 12285 steps everyday from the 5th January to the 31st January! That’s about 5 miles a day!

Im really happy Laura set this challenge up as although I had already decided to set myself these goals I don’t know if I would have done as well if I didn’t have to be accountable for them!

In reward for my achieving goals I bought some tea from Tevana 🙂

I’m going to set myself some goals for February now and will let you know what they are tomorrow 🙂

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