Half Way Through My Trip


I can’t believe I have already half way through my trip!

I have loved it. I have done so much and I am so glad I started this blog to record things. I will enjoy looking back through my posts on my return.

I am currently thinking about some travel advice posts based on my experiences. I searched for a few when I was sorting things out and find they really help. I probably won’t do them until the end of my trip as the next 2 weeks will be full of sight seeing in Seattle 🙂

I need to start putting myself out there a bit more. I have been keeping myself to myself a bit, which is fine and much needed. I’ve made a few friends a long the way, but I want to meet more people in the second half of my trip 🙂

I’m feeling positive. I have spent the first half doing what I needed to do and now I can do what I want to!

Time to make some changes so going back won’t be as hard as I think it could be.

Happy Wanderings!

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