Relaxing in the the Snow

Today was my last full day in Whistler so I booked a day at the Scandinave Spa for a Swedish massage and the baths.

It was perfect!

I loved every minute I was there. The massage was very relaxing, even though I know I’m going to ache tomorrow. The baths were amazing, even the cold plunge pool! There was also a Sauna and a Steam Room, both of which I gave a go. Also a fire pit, which I did sit by for a minute, but it was too cold outside after being in the baths.

What I lived most was the fact there was a silence rule once you were outside and in the relaxing warm rooms. They would come round and tell people to be quiet if they were disturbing the peace. It was perfect as I was on my own. It didn’t feel like I had no one to talk to as no one was allowed to talk. People did though really and it was okay as they kept quiet. It was also so quiet due to so few people being there it was lovely.

I loved that everything, but the baths and the pavements were covered in snow 🙂








If you ever head to Whistler take some time out to relax here. I feel totally chilled and ready for the rest of my travelling!

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