Canada, eh?

I love Canada!

So it has been a weird couple of days!

On Monday I had a rest day, so decided to go for a swim and a sit in the jacuzzi at the sports centre in Whistler. It was great. My coach sent me a great session to do and my swimming watch was great and keeping me on the right number of lengths. I then left and managed it leave my watch in the changing room!

I didn’t realise until later in the afternoon when I went to look back at my session to record the statistics it also works out for you. I then panicked but calmed down enough to call the sports centre to see if it had been handed in before catching the bus there. Luckily it had been so I jumped on the bus and picked it up. I was so happy and so thankful to the lady who would have handed it in to reception.

Then I went to the cinema in the afternoon. I changed seats and managed to drop my wallet, but picked it up. I then left the cinema and then wanted to check the time and realised my phone was not in my bag! I dashed back to the cinema and they let me back in to check the floor, as I definitely had it when I started watching the film. Luckily the guy cleaning up after the film had picked it up and was still there. He gave it back to me as soon as I went to where he picked it up. I was again so happy and thankful.

I was not having a good day. I went off back to the hostel and enjoyed a relaxing evening. It was not until the next morning I realised my wallet was no longer in my bag!

I had to pay for the cinema. I know I picked it up off the cinema floor. However as I was panicked about losing my phone I dashed back to the cinema with my bag slightly open! Stupid me!

I had to wait until the cinema opened to check with them, but also checked at the local police station to see if anyone had picked it up and handed it in. No luck at either place. I was annoyed as my debit card was in there and a bit of cash. Luckily I kept my credit card separate!

I went back to the hostel and cancelled my card. I then started to settle in for the night when I checked my email and randomly had an email from some prone saying they had found my wallet in the street and could I give them a call. I couldn’t believe it!

They had found my wallet and the appointment card for my haircut in Vancouver I had on my birthday, so they called them and the salon had my email so they gave it to them and then the guy could email me! I couldn’t believe the effort they had put in to returning it!

I spoke with them and arranged to meet at a restaurant in town to pick it. I was happy to meet there and spoke to the front lady before meeting to make sure someone knew I was on my own and only there to pick up my wallet. It was no problem and the group of guys were great. I offered to get them a bottle of wine or round of drinks as a thank you, but they declined. I was so happy I couldn’t say thank you enough times!

I can’t decided if was incredibly stupid or incredibly lucky?

However I have learnt my lesson and will not get so complacent again. I have reorganised myself to make sure my wallet and phone are on me most of the time and not in my backpack where they can fall out of with all the other stuffing have in there.

Crazy stuff and if I was at home I think I would have lost all 3 items! But in Canada they are so nice! I love Canada!

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2 thoughts on “Canada, eh?

  1. Haha! I love this whole post 🙂 I’m so very glad you got everything back Angie!

    It is funny though – an American friend of mine left her wallet in Jasper a couple years ago, and the guy who found it (wedged between the booth cushions at Smitty’s) tracked her all the way to Edmonton and dropped it off there for her when he was next in town. She tried giving him Tim Horton’s gift cards and he absolutely refused anything but a thank you. Apparently Canadian crime statistics apply only to locals, not foreign visitors. So that’s good 🙂

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