Mush! Correction – Up Up

Today I planned to do very little after 4 days of skiing, but after meeting some great people in the hostel we went out for dinner in the village and then decided to do something together today.

As its a Saturday we knew Whistler would be busy, but it was crazy! The queues for the gondola were over an hour long!


So we weren’t sure whether we would be able to do anything. We went to activity desk to see what was available and luckily dog sledding was. Neither of us had done it before so we went for it. I was a bit concerned after the bad events of the year it 2 before, but we asked a few questions and it was okay.

We were shuttled out to a valley about 20 minutes north of whistler. It was beautiful!


We then met the 6 dogs who would be pulling us for 7km. Ping, Dappy, Comet, Marsbar, 2-door and Steve 🙂





The guide then took us on a trail through the was beautiful and it had stopped snowing so we could see for a quite a way. The dogs were so excited to be running it was great to see. They loved the attention from us as well.






We got to pretend we were driving the sled too 🙂


The dogs were tired after their run and pulling us along, but they were so happy for us to say thank you and give them a cuddle it was great. They loved the guides too! They were bouncing and jumping around all over the place 🙂


It was a great experience! It was also very relaxing to be away from the village in a deserted valley. There is a lot more to Whistler than just skiing!

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